New to the Ukulele?

Why do you need a uke in your life? Easy to get going. Can play lots of different types of songs. Cheap. Portable. Accompanies the voice nicely. A social instrument you can play with others (not too loud).


  1. Get some kit. You only need a Uke and a Tuner. We love to nerd out on whether it should be a bigger or smaller uke, what brand is best, solid vs. laminate, fluorocarbon strings, strap or not, low or high G, yada yada yada. Doesn’t matter. Don’t spend a lot of money because, when you get going, you’re going to be buying more ukes anyway (at least people will know what to get you for Christmas). Don’t spend less than £35 on your first uke but don’t spend much more either.
  2. Practice. Rugbylele doesn’t currently offer learning support for complete beginners. It doesn’t usually take too long for newbies to get going – the ukulele is an easy instrument to get started with. YouTube is your friend when it comes to learning (books or DVDs are so passé). Beginners start with Three Little Birds from Cynthia Lin. There are loads more beginner tutorials on YouTube – just surf about and find a song you want to play. Bernadette has a nice 30 Day Challenge For Complete Beginners. If you already play the guitar, then you are going to pick it up real fast (what only 4 strings?). A more structured/supported option is to sign up and pay for weekly online Zoom course for beginners offered by Learn To Uke or School of Uke.
  3. Turn Up and Play! If you can play along to the whole of Three Little Birds you are ready for prime time. Come join us! You don’t need to master all our songs to take part – just play the bits you can.

I can play!

If you can play along to Three Little Birds you’re ready!