How we started.

Social Club

Rugbylele was formed July 2019 after a funded social group lost its funding and venue which was ran partly by Jo and attended by Brian. Meanwhile, Brian heard a rumour that there was someone who played the uke at a local tavern open mic night and had to come 2 weeks running just to catch Pauline.

Pauline joined the social uke group, which very shortly finished ( she had nothing to do with its demise, honest guv.). Jo then asked Pauline if she would help with the newly forming Rugbylele group.

How we started

Then what?

So, the first meeting of the remains of the old social group reformed and convened at Pauline’s house, where a general battle plan was formulated. Rugbylele has taken flight with the addition of some lovely people, we have formed a really friendly group who are learning together.

Now what?

We have starting live performances and appear to be gaining momentum with many positive comments and feedback.

We have funded our own moderate PA set up to enable us to be heard at the back!

Tim is aiming for a USA tour (bless him). We might manage it yet!